Tokyo – Hakone

We left here at 10.00 am, got the metro to the city, booked our tickets to Hakone, stored the bulk of our luggage and had lunch before starting a 90-minute train ride.

Huge apartment blocks eventually gave way to dense housing, then a mixture of housing and some market  gardens. When my ears popped at the 75-minute mark, it was the first indication that we were climbing. Through a tunnel and out the other side and we were in the mountains! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of them because it started to rain.

It was still raining when we transferred from the train to a bus. The bus didn’t stop until we were way past our hotel, the Hotel Ra Kuun. It took three attempts to board buses going back the other way before one took us within walking distance. We must have looked like a couple of drowned rats by the time we checked in.

The Ra Kunn is more traditional Japanese style than our previous hotels. Our room has a reception area where you remove your shoes and use one of the pairs of slippers provided – the second pair is for walking outside your room but within the hotel, for example going t the hot springs baths.

We have three days here so we’re hoping the weather improves enough tomorrow for us to get around and enjoy the place.