Darwin to Sydney Roadtrip – Day 3

Tennant Creek – Mount Isa

9.35 Left Outback Caravan Park. Stopped at United to get ice – crushed $4 a bag.

11.45 Passed the Barkly Homestead – Mt Isa 460 km away – Carpentaria Highway, Booroloola T/O

13.00 Lunch stop at Soudan Bore rest area. More zebra finches.

13.25 Back on the road

14.00 Passed Avon Downs rest area and police station.

14.35 Paul Kelly sung us across the NT/QLD border – 10 km to Camooweal.

NT/QLD border

14.40 Camooweal: icecream and fuel stop – 30.04 L @ $1.669 per litre $50.14

30-minute time difference – turn all time-keeping devices forward 30 minutes.

15.30 Left Camooweal
17.20 Arrived at Mount Isa and checked into Argylla Caravan Village – $30.60.

Shopped at Woolies for dinner.

Cooked lamb chops, mashed potatoes and green beans in the camp kitchen.

Downloaded photos from my camera to my iPad Mini.


Huge camp kitchen: full-sized electric stove, 2 microwaves, 2 grills, toaster, jug, fridge freezer.

Argylla camp kitchen

Main shower block was at the other end of the park. At our end was a demountable comprising three combined shower and toilet units, which was fine untill three people were showering at the same time and someone needed to use the toilet!

You can give yourself more lunch-stop options by making your own sandwiches. I do it in the morning when I’m making toast for breakfast and have most of the ingredients and equipment out already.

I reuse either the plastic bag from the deli meat or the empty bread bag to wrap the sandwiches, then when we’ve eaten them, use the same bag in the car for fruit peel/skins.

The two fruits we find easiest to eat on the road are mandarins, preferably seedless, and bananas, with me, the passenger, peeling the fruit and feeding segments to the driver.

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