Like chaff in the wind

Inevitably the time came for us to go our separate ways. A day of bitter-sweet feelings. A mixture of sadness at parting whilst anticipating the next leg of our various adventures.

It’s on occasions like this that I am extremely grateful for the way my parents brought me up to love travel and that passion has been picked up by our children who are passing it on to our grandchildren. The fact that I managed to find a likeminded husband helped a bit too!
For our part, Coobarrie eased the pain of separation.

I taught myself a valuable lesson here: Just because you are forced to pay extra for a spa unit, doesn’t mean you have to use the spa bath. But I tried. Initially I was just annoyed at the amount of water it took to fill the tub above the spouts, but then I found it impossible to adjust the taps without standing up and then discovered there was nothing to hold onto in the tub. Even if I wasn’t technically disabled, I would not have been comfortable in this spa unit. As a result, I exited the supposedly relaxing spa bath in an agitated state!

The rest of our stay in Adelaide continued

It was great spending time with family and friends, especially observing the interactions between our grandchildren and between them and various adults. We went strawberry picking, visited playgrounds, parks, botanic gardens and had a trip to the Big Rocking Horse and its animal park. Unfortunately  I lost some photos of those events but I think you’ll get the gist from the following pics.